Sunday, March 27, 2011

Word Picture

Yesterday was a tough day.  It was just kind of a zillion things snowballed into one big bad day.  On the surface it seemed fine and we had fun as a family, but on the inside, I felt like I was dying. . .one big snowball of hurting emotions. 

I survived, though.  I got the kids to bed and then I sat down and had a talk with God.  Why?  Why do I feel like I was once a beautiful vase and through a series of events that I have been dealing with this year, I feel like I was smashed on the floor.  I feel like I am just shards of the vase I used to be and I just cried out to God that I didn't know how I would ever be whole again. 

And then He gave me this picture (it was prettier in my mind, but this is the best I could find with Google Images).  He gave me the picture of a beautiful stained glass vase.  I used to be a beautiful vase and yes, I have been shattered, but He gave me the hope of one day being a completely different looking, but beautiful vase that would once again hold water and be used to hold flowers.  And one day, when all of my pieces are finally put together by the Master, Himself, I will be even more beautiful than I once was.  I'll reflect His light brilliantly and although I won't look the same, I will be a useful vase once more.

Maybe silly.  For me, it was eye opening and it was just the little bit of encouragement I needed.


erin thomas said...

tears! thank you for sharing j-jo. you are absolutely beautiful, but i know we all go through times when we feel so ugly and broken. thank you for your word picture. i have been struggling with lots of yucky events and emotions the past few months, but this word picture is so helpful for me. praise God that we are His and that He knows what He is doing even when it doesn't make sense to us :)

Katharine A. said...

I so know this feeling. Thank you for always being real! Hope to see you soon!