Thursday, March 31, 2011

Retail Therapy

Part of me highly recommends it (retail therapy, that it) and part of me does not.  I don't recommend it daily, but sometimes it just helps to buy something!  (I hope Andy isn't reading this post today.)  I headed to a store to get Andy some coffee for his Keurig coffee maker this morning and that store just happens to be right across the hall from Pier One. . .so I went in.  Then I found these dishes.  Then I walked around the store away from these dishes.  Then I walked back to these dishes.  Then I bought these dishes.  Retail therapy!  I felt so much better afterwards. . .better from what?  Who knows, just better! :)

Actually, we did need dishes.  I have my "wedding dishes" which are gorgeous and beautiful and which we never use and then I left myself with one other set before the move. . .and needless to say, every bowl is cracked or chipped (some past the point of holding milk) and every plate is slowly going in that direction.  The move was hard on my dishes. . .between the movers breaking several and us not having a dining room table for the first eight months and eating on the tile kitchen floor, the dishes were needing retirement.  All of that justification to say, my retail therapy wasn't all bad!  (Do you believe me?)

Anyway, I am just so excited about my new dishes that I wanted to share.  And. . .this is actually the first set of dishes I have had since my wedding that will actually feed my entire family and a guest or two.  So, come on over and let's have dinner on matching and non-cracked plates!  But, you'll have to come soon before my five kids break them in!

P.S. Did I mention that they were on sale?  See, getting better all the time!


sabrina owens said...

that awesome jamie jo and read my new two blog

Liz said...

You made a believer out of me :) Love them! Gotta love the justifying. Our dishes are heading in that direction too, so maybe in a couple years, I will look back to this blog and remind myself all the reasons I need them!
PS, Love the summer camp blog! Going to camp as a camper, and then working there were some of my best memories of my life!