Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Prayers Of Children (again)

Again, I am floored by the prayers of my children. I love to hear them pray for Lionel and to pray for the government of Rwanda. Hays prayed not only for the adoption issues, but he prayed for Lionel to learn a lot in school this week.

I love listening to Maggie pray. She is so fervent and so sincere. Her prayers are so genuine and they lack doubt. That may sound weird. . .that they lack doubt. But sometimes as I pray, I find myself fighting with doubt as I pray my requests. Maggie doesn't struggle with that. She prays so fervently every night to bring Lionel home. It is so beautiful and I find myself floored and in tears during her prayers. I am so humbled by her faith and her passion! I find myself thanking God for the words she is speaking to Him as I agree with her in her prayers to bring our boy home! Maggie is so dear.

As you lift our family up this week and as you lift up the government and the people in decision making places, please also lift up the Blackwell family as they pray to "pass" court in Ethiopia so that they can bring their daughter home in two weeks! I love how God has put adoption on the hearts of our friends and our family and on our hearts and I love that it only works with prayer!

Thanks, God, for your heart of adoption! Please bring baby girl Blackwell home and please bring Lionel home! We love you, Lord!!!

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Sweet & Sowers said...

Love you - coming to SGF in March - really want to see you!!! xoxo Kari