Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Off To El Nido

(Picture from last year.)

Well, we're off to El Nido (the Philippines). . .or annual trip with some wonderful families who have become friends over the past four years! I never thought that Lionel would not be with us. I can't wait to see what God has in store instead!!!

Also, a HUGE congrats to the Blackwell family! They passed court today in Ethiopia and they will get to travel to bring home their daughter, Rae, in just a couple of weeks! We are SO excited! Rae is Gabby's age and we cannot wait to hug her neck! You can check out her pictures if you go to! She's a doll!

And for those of you in our Adoption Fellowship Group, we will be meeting in February: same date (second Thursday of the month), same time (7-8) and same place (the Braner's house). Hopefully the Blackwells and the Neals will be in Ethiopia! We'll miss you!!!

Please pray that we come home to FANTASTIC news about a GENERIC approval letter waiting for us in the Minister's office in Rwanda! What a treat that would be!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie Jo! Your blog is great! Lionel is a great looking kid! We are praying for your family. We noticed that you have our blog linked to yours....thanks a bunch for that! Hopefully we'll see you guys soon! Take care!

Heidi Giles

'becca said...

I believe you are on a plane right now and headed home. Just wanted to Welcome you back! I'm excited to see photos and hear how your time was.