Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lionel Went To Boarding School

Well, Lionel is off to boarding school for the first time. He is at Sonrise school about two hours northwest of Kigali. It is a wonderful place for him to be and I am so thankful that he is having that opportunity! I have a feeling in my gut that him being at Sonrise may even make it easier for the adoption to work out. Regardless of that, he is getting a wonderful education. Sonrise's goal is to educate the future leaders of Rwanda. He is in a "dorm room" with 14 boys and a nanny.

If you have time, there is a lengthy blog entry about his first day on "Team Rwanda," one of the blogs to the right. It is kind of fun if you have a few minutes.

Please keep praying!

Here is the link to Sonrise: http://www.mustardseedproject.org/section.asp?secID=7

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emily said...

Jonathan was just here the other night telling us all about the Sonrise school. Sounds like a great place. Pray this is the necessary move to get him home with you all.