Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Getting Lionel Is Going To Take MAJOR Prayer!

Well, I just received word from Chantal today--she is the wonderful lady who runs the home (orphanage) where Lionel lives. Below is what she said (note that Veronique is the woman in the Minister's office who can hold up our adoptions):

"Good to hear from you, yes I knew you had sent your file from someone not sure why you have not gotten your response but do know that getting Lionel will be very hard. Veronique was at our office yesterday and she many time repeated that we are not allowed to receive kids with a living relative and we cannot adopted one out. Will be praying for you that it goes well. Thanks for Gabby's picture she has became a big girl. Please give your family our greetings."

So please, please, please PRAY!!!


emily said...

IA is so hard! Praying here for you.

Kimberly Kulp said...

Our family will be praying for you. This makes me so frustrated! Whoever developed the definition of a "true orphan" needs to spend some time with Lionel!

Praying! Our GOD can move mountains.
Kim Kulp

sabrina owens said...

i will be praying for you and Andy and the kids getting Lionel i hope you get hime keep your fingers cross. happy new year and l love you all.

Kari:) said...

Jamie, We will pray fervently for Lionel!!! I think we should pray & fast as a team (lets talk Thurs!!) God is mighty & this will take a mighty miracle to bring him home. Praying for your heart today!!
love you