Thursday, December 11, 2008

No News Is Good News?

Who said that? I'm trying to think of a situation when that phrase is always 100% of the time true and I can't think of one. All of that to say. . .no news yet from any country.

Rwanda: we should be hearing next week. Tim, the man who is acting as my Power of Attorney in Rwanda, said that we should get our approval letter next week. The prayer is that this approval letter will get GENERIC and will NOT have an orphanage specified. Please pray for that!

China: If things don't slow down one second, we should get a referral in August. I'm not counting on that and I'm not even praying for that. I need Lionel in my home for 12 months before I want a referral! I'm guessing that we should get the China call about March of 2010 at this point. Who am I to believe, though? I thought we'd be spending Christmas 2007 with our girl! :)

So, I'm just waiting. I'm peacefully waiting at this point which is such a welcome feeling. I'm happy with my family and I know that God is in control. Our lives are fairly out of control at this moment with new jobs and new cities and everything just around the corner and I'm thankful that the calm portion of my life is the adoption process. . .for now!


Tina Harriman said...

Great to see that you may have a positive answer next week from Rwanda. I'll be praying the approval letter is as generic as you need it to be to bring Lionel home soon.

emily said...

Been thinking about you. Thanks for the update. said...

Just checking in...miss you!
Alisa :)