Monday, November 3, 2008

If you were wondering where Ethiopian Air flies:

Well, I think I'm headed to Rwanda on Sunday (I'll arrive Tuesday). I just feel like this is what I need to do. I'm going to hand-deliver my dossier to the Minister and then work my tail off for the three days I'm in Kigali. I need to track down Lionel's uncle and get him to officially sign the termination of guardianship papers. He dropped Lionel off at the home nearly three years ago and he has verbally said that he does not want to be responsible for Lionel--he is getting married and the new wife absolutely does not want to take him in. So, my ideal time line in Rwanda would be this:

* Leave Branson Sunday night.
* Arrive Kigali Tuesday around noon.
* Drop off my dossier (and the Newman's dossier) on Tuesday afternoon.
* Find the uncle and have the papers signed and notarized on Wednesday.
* Take Lionel to the doctor for his physical and shots on Thursday.
* Pick up my approval letter on Friday.
*Prayerfully the approval letter will be vague and will NOT mention a specific orphanage.
*If it does mention another home, then I will have my "ammo" with me in the form of the papers from the uncle so that I can beg the Minister to reconsider her position with adopting from New Hope Homes.
* Leave Rwanda Friday afternoon.
* Return to Branson on Saturday.

Obviously, this is very best case scenario. It would be wonderful for everything to fall into place that way in those few days. What a blessing that would be. And I know that God can do it if it is His will!!!

If that happens and the Minister allows me to pursue adopting Lionel, then I will come home after my short visit and the rest of the process will be completed while I'm in the states. My power of attorney will have to go to court on my behalf and get the "Act of Adoption" approved and signed. Then he will take that paper back to the Minister for Travel Approval and get the passport papers started. Then I can go get Lionel. . .before Christmas!?!??! God knows where he needs to be and when he needs to be there, but I am still praying for BEFORE CHRISTMAS! Oh the many many many things that must fall into perfect place before that can happen (not to mention the paper work that will have to happen to get him to Cabo with us once we get home)!!! That is to worry about later.

For now, please pray for my trip. Pray that it is SAFE and PRODUCTIVE! Pray for my family that I am leaving spread out over two states and in several people's homes. Pray that I get a YES from the Minister and that it never has to be an issue. Pray that I can find the uncle and that he is cooperative!!!

Thanks so much! I appreciate know that I 'm not alone in all of this!!!


emily said...

You are so not alone! I love your mamas heart for this precious child.

network said...

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