Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Speed Bump or Stop Sign?!?!?

Please pray! I got an email this weekend saying that I could no longer adopt Lionel due to some complications with the orphanage and its paperwork. I believe that this can be worked around if we get creative and work really hard--and if I make an extra trip over there in the very near future. Please pray that if this is a speed bump, that we can solve the problem quickly and clearly. Please pray that if this is a stop sign, that I will be open to God's will for our family and that I won't push through the situation as is my tendency to do. Pray for wisdom for me and for the people in Rwanda making all of the decisions! Blessings!


The Gillman Family said...

Jamie Jo

We are praying for you all!!! Keep us updated.

emily said...

Will be praying. These bumps in the road are hard, but God is good!

sabrina owens said...

i hope it Lord get him and i hope you and your family get him maybe lord will work it out and i love you and tell andy email me sometime
sabrina owens