Monday, August 25, 2008

No news. . .just a day.

I just want to whisper in Lionel's ear, "we're coming, baby, just hang on." I don't know why I'm feeling that right now. Part of me wants him to know that we're coming (the VERY selfish part), but I know that isn't a good idea at this point. We have such a long way to go and I would hate for him to be expecting us and it either take to long or not turn out the way we would like. But I just want him to feel hugged and I want him to know that he has parents somewhere loving him right now. Oh well. The day will come and he will finally know that! Until then, I'm whispering in the wind!!!

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Jessica said...

Great to see another new blog! So neat about Lionel - can't wait to hear more - I'm praying. I have given a shout-out on my blog about AnNi and have posted your blog as a link... I just might have to order another Africa shirt...
Miss yall!