Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Braner Party of Seven?????

Well, we aren't yet. . .

Prayerfully we will be Braner Party of Seven by Christmas. We are pursuing another adoption from Rwanda. I met a wonderful boy while I was there last fall picking up Gabby. His name is Lionel (pronounced lee-o-nell). He has a wonderful personality and a great smile. There isn't much that I can say about him now. Please just pray for our family as we pursue this adoption. I will keep you posted as our journey continues (that's why I'm blogging)--and I cannot wait to be able to post more details about the process and about our son!

Kinyarwanda is the "official" language of Rwanda. The word for me to be patient is "ihangane." That is my goal for this adoption: IHANGANE and let God do His thing in His timing!!! I know that I will get anxious and I am sure that I will have crazy entries, but my prayer is that I will ihangane until Lionel is in our home!!!

Thanks for journeying with me! Thanks for praying with me and for me--and for our family and for Lionel. What a ride!!!


Carla said...

Congratulations Braner Family!!!! That is very exciting news and we may be on the journey again soon as well. We are praying about it and seeing where God leads us!

In Him,
The Lewter Family

sabrina owens said...

Congrualtions Braner family,
wow another adpotions from Rwanda and i hope can meet Lonell and i will pray for him so you and your family come to Journey to you saftley and god bless, in him,
Sabrina Owens

i hope meet you and the kids one day in branson or colorado

Kimber said...

We're so excited to hear about Lionel and will be praying for this journey.

Kimber and Scott

Kelly said...

I found you!!!!!!!!!

Jenny Schlenker said...

praying for you guys- that your heart would remain full of hope and trusting in our Father.... love you guys...

Amanda said...

I just love you Jamie Jo. Love your heart and just so very very excited for you and Lionel. Keep shining the light of Jesus and his heart for adoption wherever you and your beautiful family go...and send me that pic of your family from this blog. gorgeous! I want to post it on our AW blogsite.

Amy Acker said...

I didn't know you were going in for round two of adoption! Yeah! Mark and I believe that everyone should adopt. I wish more people would. Mark and I are going to wait a little while. 2-5 years. However this coming Saturday we are going to the airport to pick up our foreign exchange student from Brazil. He is 16 so hopefully he behaves himself! So you think Lionel will be here for Christmas! Yeah! Congratulations! and we will continue to pray for you and your family of 8! God's Blessings are so rich and perfect!

Your Imbabazi friend,

Amy Acker
I just love that word. I use it as much as I can! LOL!

Mother of Elijah almost 4 & Elena (Guatemala) 15 months

The Gillman Family said...


What great news!!! I can't wait to hear more about it. We are looking forward to our next fellowship group and seeing you all again.


Zane Wooder said...

Did you end up adopting Lionel? I hope so. He sounds like a nice boy.

-Zane of ontario honey